Construction Defects

Construction Defects

We build every case on a strong foundation.

A new home or building is an investment, but construction defects can make it an unexpected liability.

Construction defects can happen in the design, planning, supervision, inspection or construction of any new home or building. They result from a failure to construct the building in a reasonably workmanlike manner, and/or when the structure doesn’t perform as you reasonably thought it would.

Defects typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Design deficiencies.
  • Material deficiencies.
  • Construction deficiencies.
  • Subsurface deficiencies.

We understand building codes and we know how to determine whether a construction flaw is the result of a building violation and/or a failure to perform good quality work. Either way, we are here to help make things right. We pursue builders, developers and subcontractors to recover your damages – and restore the value of your investment.

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