FELA / Railroad Injuries

Few firms understand FELA the way we do.

Our track record says it all, and our success comes from years of experience with railroad injuries. They’re complex cases, but we know what it takes to win.

“Rick and his former partner set the record for the largest FELA verdict in Kansas City, Missouri history, winning $2.5 million for his client. While some firms are quick to settle, we’re fully prepared to go to trial. In fact, that’s where we excel.

  • Several verdicts exceeding $1 million
  • Largest verdict in Kansas City history
  • One of largest verdicts in Iowa history
  • More than 28 years of experience representing railroad workers
  • Determined to get the compensation you deserve and won’t settle for less

We do things differently
Holtsclaw Firm provides the kind of service other firms can’t. Quite simply, we handle your case the way we would want it done for ourselves.

We know the industry. We know the law. And we have the skills to prove the negligence that caused your railroad injury.

If you were injured working for a railroad company, we can help.

Protect your rights
Railroad workers are not covered by worker’s compensation. Rather, they’re covered by a different federal law (FELA.) It’s important that your medical providers know this, because it prevents them from sharing unauthorized information about you with your employer.

  • Make sure your doctor knows your injury is NOT a worker’s compensation injury.
  • Don’t allow a railroad claim agent or manager to be present during your examination.

Call us for a complimentary wallet card that will inform medical providers about FELA, in the event you need emergency medical care due to an injury on the job.

“The company was only playing me along, and in fact was building a case against me through the evidence gained fromour many conversations concerning the injury. Rick had seen these tactics many times before used by the company. As it turned out, he usually knew what they were going to do before they even did it!“
-Doug Hobgood

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