Rick has 35 years of litigation experience and is a certified mediator. He serves as a Court appointed Special Master and has been named by U.S. News and World Report “Best Lawyers” since 2017 and has been named to Super Lawyers every year since 2005. He is approved for ADR by the USDC-MO. He is also a member of ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocates).

Here are a few comments by attorneys who Rick has worked with:

Steve Gorny

President – Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys

“A month or so ago, there was an inquiry on the list serve about using Rick Holtsclaw as a mediator.  I appreciated the kind words I read as I had him coming up in two cases.  Today, we resolved the second case (last week he helped get the first one done).  Both were against municipalities.  Both were difficult cases with bad actors other than the cities also involved.  Rick helped get them both done for more than we expected and in one case helped us get the city to agree to modify the intersection and place new signage.  He was no nonsense and really cared about our clients and why they were fighting their fights.  I highly recommend him.” 

John Schultz

Franke, Shultz, & Mullen, PC

“Rick has successfully mediated two complex cases for me that were very unlikely to settle. Rick’s approach at mediation is refreshing. First, no war stories about his career. Second, he asks probing questions and offers experienced insights. Third, he offers guidance to the parties on how to get the case settled. For example, during my last mediation with Rick he told my adjuster “I know you want to offer -x-. I get that. But, I need you to offer -y- if we are going to keep this on track towards settlement.” Rick has control over the negotiations. He does not let the lawyers or parties egos get in the way of a settlement. Rick has a way of talking to adjusters and claim professionals that makes them feel confident about offering more money. Given his career as a plaintiff attorney, I am sure he knows how to talk to plaintiffs. I am very impressed with Rick’s commitment to getting cases settled. So, if you want a mediator who gets right to the point and keeps everyone focused and moving towards a settlement Rick is your guy. He is respectful of everyone’s time and he works quickly. P.S. if  you want a mediator whose first action is giving you a menu to place a lunch order and most of the day is spent telling and listening to war stories-so the real negotiation does not begin until the cookies are brought out mid-afternoon-Rick is not your guy!”

Scott S. Bethune

Davis Bethune Jones

“I write to highly recommend Rick Holtsclaw as a mediator. I’ve know Rick as an excellent lawyer and we have worked as co-counsel on several cases. This was my first time to use him as a mediator. He was well prepared with a great working knowledge of the extensive materials the parties had provided. He was compassionate with the clients’ plight and perceptive on how to react and deal with the emotions involved. He kept the parties talking at critical times when negotiations could have broken down. Keep Rick in mind the next time you’re considering potential mediators.”

Mel Orchard

The Spence Law Firm, LLC

“I think you have gone above and beyond to solve a problem that did not have a solution short of trial.  Of course, both sides have their stories to tell, but you were adamant about finding a common story.  A theme for settlement that ended up winning both sides over.  Your late in the game strategies were incredibly insightful and brave.   I don’t compliment mediators often, because I am too much the advocate and I hate when mediators force me into a box, but you were gracious and patient with me and my clients.   Thank you.”

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