About Us

Most people notice it the minute they walk in our doors.

Holtsclaw Firm isn’t your typical personal injury law firm. We’re more personal and approachable. More doggedly determined. And more successful as a result.

It isn’t enough to be confident in your attorney. You need to feel comfortable, too.

Our goal is to win your case, of course. But our first priority is putting you at ease. When you visit our offices, you won’t find hushed corridors and three-piece suits. We’ll most likely greet you in our blue jeans. Then we’ll sit down to talk in terms we both understand.

  • We take the time to fully explore your situation.
  • We want to know about your life, your family and your needs for the future.
  • We provide the care and compassion you deserve, along with the industry expertise it takes to win.

Anyone can say they’re experts. We’ve actually proven it.
While other firms are quick to settle, we can’t relax until we know you’re getting what you deserve. That sometimes means going to trial, and our track record of million-dollar verdicts proves our prowess in the courtroom.

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